Vulnerability & Cyber Threat Management Consulting

As a result of our extensive consulting experience, Alfa Group is able to realize precise and complete systems for integrated Cyber Risk Management, guiding management’s decisions with specific, accurate and timely information. We support the entire vulnerability lifecycle, from assessment to discovery, with continuous monitoring activity, all the way up to implementing remediation plans.
We analyze the information collected through interaction with the most widespread technologies on the market, combining common vulnerability measurements (CVSS and severity) with additional parameters related to the solution, patching and exploits.
We determine a remediation prioritization index for each asset that allows the client to implement optimal mitigation and risk management strategies.


Cyber Threat Management

Identification of possible entry points for threats through Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and Code Review activities, with the objective of correlating the information with internal security management systems to identify, prioritize and manage corrective actions.

Cyber Security Assessment & Strategy Alignment

Consultancy to analyze the various levels of compliance with respect to regulations, security standards and applicable legislation (ISO, NIST, GDPR, CYBER RESILIENCE). The consultancy provides for developing an improvement plan, both organizational and technological, to guarantee complete alignment with the security strategy identified.

Vulnerability Trend

Not only a photograph of the current status but a time-based analysis of the evolution of the vulnerabilities in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the mitigation plans implemented.

Remediation Flow

Remediation flow management of every single vulnerability detected while working tickets generated manually or automated by the system.

Risk Management

Analysis and control of the technological risk related to the asset by determining risk indicators.


Single, consolidated view, navigable and easily adaptable to the client’s specific needs, which shows:

– Real-Time Vulnerability Overview & Data Drill-Down
– Timelines
– Evidence of Risk for Both Assets and Services
– Remediation Analysis

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Consultancy services to achieve operational continuity as well as for the design and implementation of Disaster Recovery processes.

Technology / Vulnerability & Cyber Threat Management

The technological solutions for the management of vulnerabilities and the identification of threats.

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