Fraud Management Technologies

Preventing fraud represents a necessity from which no organization can escape: due to continuous technological evolutions that involve particular contact channels between the company and client (eg. payment instruments and online banking platform in the financial services area, or landline and mobile communications in the Telco arena), and related threats, defending oneself becomes a challenge which is always more complex.

Effectively addressing fraud means being able to monitor all banking operations over all channels, payment in virtual stores, or telephone providers’ communications with an analytical approach, which allows for making decisions in real-time according to the authenticity (or lack thereof) of the operation. All of this while guaranteeing a simple experience for those who use our clients’ services honestly, blocking every fraudulent attempt while reducing false positives to a minimum.

Alfa Group provides its clients with an organic solution for Fraud Management. The best technologies on the market are chosen to effectively respond to the various kinds of attack, in addition to protecting clients from malware and/or compromised devices which could result in fraudulent activity, such as: Phishing & Banking Malware, Identity Theft & Account Takeover, Device Compromise, Payment Fraud, Merchant & Cards Fraud, and many others. Thanks to the integration with our proprietary RHD solution for Fraud Management, each of these technologies can be leveraged for a complete and integrated Fraud governance.

Governance of the entire Digital Fraud environment, including prevention, neutralization and reporting


Is an integrated solution for fraud prevention, neutralization and reporting with a “Know Your Customer” approach. A single instrument which is able to address online fraud from a 360° perspective, correlating feeds, data and information coming from human and technological Fraud Prevention, Detection, Intelligence and Analytics sources.

Fraud Detection & Transaction Monitoring

Outseer’s solutions allow for for detecting and monitoring suspicious transactions in real-time with modern (strong, risk-based and multi-factor) authentication systems, predictive analysis, deep entity profiling, and global fraud intelligence, all while upholding friction-free customer experiences for the world’s leading merchants, issuing banks, and payment providers.
  • Customer protection across all digital channels with risk-based account monitoring decisions.
  • Card-not-present and digital authentication mapping to the latest EMV® 3-D Secure protocol.
  • Rapid detection, takedown, and data insights related to phishing sites, rogue apps, and fraudulent social media pages.

Digital Fraud Prevention and Detection

Proactive Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Netcraft is an internet services company that uses sophisticated detection and takedown methods to identify and neutralize online threats that target organizations and end-users. Alfa Group integrates Netcraft to prevent and neutralize: phishing, malware, compromised e-mail accounts and mail servers, fraudulent social media and mobile apps and brand infringement.

User Profiling & reporting

LexisNexis’s ThreatMetrix technology allows for identifying users’ “Digital DNA” with user profiling that combines information regarding devices, locations and anonymized personal information in a single entity to identify suspicious behavior in near real-time and promptly activate neutralization mechanisms in the event of fraud.

Fraud Analytics

Transaction Monitoring, Fraud Analytics and Prediction.

Consultancy / Fraud Management

Definition of development and optimization strategies for IT fraud governance processes.

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