Proactive cyber fraud intelligence: Tackling the covid-related rise of financial e-crime

WEBINAR | 15 July 2020 ore 17:00


Change is unavoidable in international financial crime and is fast-tracked by events such as the current COVID-19: fraudsters have identified the health situation turned into a now global financial crisis as an opportunity to make money.

In these wearisome times, how can you ensure your financial institution is responsive enough to act swiftly?

 Join proactive cyber fraud intelligence experts from Alfa Group (Italy) and its partner Q6 Cyber (USA), joined by some of the main financial institution in Italy, as they discuss the rise of E-Crime during Covid-19 and how to fight it by implementing the industry’s primary financial e-crimes proactive environment.

Q6 Cyber offers 24×7 monitoring of the “Digital Underground” – including the DarkWeb, DeepWeb, malware networks, and other cybercrime infrastructure – where fraudsters and cybercriminals operate. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how integrating Q6’s intelligence with Alfa Group’s Integrated Fraud Management Platform helps financial Institutions take directed action that significantly reduces ongoing fraud losses from compromised accounts.

What you’ll learn:

  • The latest trends in financial and cybercrime, including impacts of COVID-19, the utilization of money mules with unique insights from the “Digital Underground”.
  • What we find as we take a live, real-time look into the Dark Web, browsing popular fraud and hacker communities.
  • How to proactively optimize fraud controls for compromised entities and provide a better customer experience with a combined Alfa Group and Q6 Cyber solution.


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