Vulnerability & Cyber Threat Management Technologies

In order to address vital business challenges in today’s market, it is fundamental to equip oneself with instruments and solutions which are not only reactive, but proactive. Having precise and reliable instruments to evaluate and manage threats, before they become risks or critical situations for the organization, is the only way to guarantee operational continuity of the core business.

Alfa Group selects and integrates the best Vulnerability & Cyber Threat Management technologies on the market which, when combined with our proprietary governance solutions, allow for both active and proactive neutralization of vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

Our technologes

Governance of the entire framework of Vulnerability Management

RHD VM is a vertical solution, based on the RHD platform, specifically dedicated to Vulnerability Management. Combining the leading Vulnerability Management technologies on the market with our RHD Case Management and Orchestration platform, RHD VM allows for implementing the entire Vulnerability Management lifecycle within a wider, more integrated and continuous security process. The result is better governance of the cyber risk associated with the vulnerabilities and more efficient management of the remediation process.

Our Partners’ Technologies

Vulnerability Management

The and solutions allow for identifying, analyzing and prioritizing vulnerabilities in the entire IT infrastructure, from Cloud environments to network devices, containers and Web Apps. Tenable VM is already integrated with Alfa Group RHDVM to complete the Vulnerability Management process with the remediation component.

Cyber Security OT

Tenable.ot helps protect industrial networks from digital threats, harmful insiders and human error. The technology identifies and protects operational technology (OT) environments from digital threats, like those related to the IT world acquired with the other Tenable platforms, thereby guaranteeing operational security and reliability

Endpoint detection & Response (KEDR)

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) offers complete visibility into all the company’s endpoints and advanced defense instruments, allowing for automation of routine tasks to detect Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, assigning them a priority, analyzing them and neutralizing them.

Anti Targeted Attack & Anti APT (KATA)

Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack Platform allows for creating effective defenses to protect the infrastructure from APT threats and targeted attacks, while at the same time ensuring legislative compliance without using additional resources.

Industrial Cyber Security (KICS)

KICS allows for identifying attempted attacks through the network and/or by analyzing events that manifest themselves directly on the SCADA systems. The solution is also able to analyze proprietary communication protocols typical of the OT sector, as well as intrusions on the same network by unregistered assets.

Next-Gen SIEM (Cy4Gate RTA)

Real Time Analytics (RTA) is the SIEM solution developed by CY4GATE for IT security monitoring and cyber incident response. Thanks to A.I. algorithms and correlation, it is able to acquire, normalize, enrich, analyze and index enormous flows of cyber events in real-time, allowing the analyst to detect anomalies and establish the conditions to quickly react.

Consultancy / Vulnerability & Cyber Threat Management

Strategic support in the management of vulnerabilities and identification of cyber threats.

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