Data Analytics Technologies

Data Analytics allows an organization to successfully address, with a statistical and predictive approach, critical topics related to its business.

Alfa Group selects the best technologies on the market for Data Analytics in order to provide the client with the most complete and detailed information possible, which can be used in a descriptive way, to analyze specific phenomena, but also in a statistical and predictive way, defining the correct analytical model and output to make the most effective decisions.

Based on these technologies, we have developed a series of implementations which can effectively monitor the health status and performance of infrastructure or applications, investigate and detect digital threats, consolidate processes and guarantee compliance.

Fraud & Risk Analytics

Alfa Group integrates SAS technology for monitoring payment and transaction behavior in order to prevent and/or quickly neutralize fraud, combining advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning with traditional detection methods to discover suspicious events and neutralize them in real-time.

Big Data, Security Analytics, Operational Intelligence

Splunk technology allows for collecting and analyzing heterogeneous data (metrics, monitoring data, data logs and applications data) with which various corporate teams, from IT to Security to DevOps, can obtain complete visibility (in real-time) into the business, identify patterns and improve application and IT efficiency.

Consultancy / Data Analytics Consulting

Support in the data collection, correlation and presentation processes to support the Governance, Risk & Fraud management and Compliance processes.

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