Cyber Intelligence Technologies

Cyber Intelligence uses information coming from the Visible, Deep and Dark web to identify and prevent hacker attacks, collecting and analyzing information on emerging or growing threats, attacks in progress or being prepared, or sensitive information to which hackers have obtained access.

To guarantee an effective Cyber Intelligence system, it is fundamental to equip oneself with technologies able to guarantee depth and reliability of the sources, as well as usability of the data collected and a team of analysts able to conduct an opportune analysis of the information and Indicators of Compromise (IOC).

These characteristics are found among all the solutions Alfa Group integrates in its Cyber Intelligence projects. Thanks to the feed collection of the best technologies on the market, monitoring of public and private sources and the correlation and governance of the information collected, we provide in our proprietary platform all the instruments to quickly take effective decisions and protect oneself from the threats identified.

Governance of Cyber Intelligence information

RHD xToner is our vertical solution for managing and correlating Cyber Intelligence feeds in order to obtain actionable information in terms of risks, threats, incidents and data loss. The solution allows for directly intervening on the Cyber Intelligence information, launching Incident Response processes or disseminating the information towards other processes, automating and integrating the Intelligence process in the scheme of the client’s overall process management.

Digital risk protection, Risk Exposure Assessment & Monitoring

Digital Shadows allows for analyzing, monitoring and reporting the organization’s Digital Risk level. Analyzing various sources, including the Deep and Dark Web, Chat, Social Networks and other OSINT sources, allows for collecting information on Risk Exposure, monitoring information that could constitute a risk factor for the organization, such as IOCs, Data Leakage, Domain Spoofing, Fraud, APT or exposing Top Management.

Decision Intelligence

The Cy4Gate QUIPO platform allows for collecting, analyzing and transforming heterogeneous information flows into usable data to support strategic decisions. The platform is able to collect and combine unstructured data and information coming from inside and outside the company, even varied and related to different company departments (such as marketing, business, cyber security, etc.). It uses Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing instruments.

Consultancy / Cyber Intelligence Technologies

Support in the definition of methods, processes and solutions for the management of Cyber Intelligence.

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