Cloud Center of Exellence Technologies

With our Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE), we guide our clients in transitioning the organization and its management to the Cloud, fundamental for a successful Digital Transformation.

Alfa Group leverages technologies that manage both the infrastructure and its security in Cloud to achieve integrated governance of activities and processes in the Management and ERP world, such as administration, accounting, planning and production.


Pitagora is a corporate information system for management control and accounting. It describes and controls the organization, its processes and human resources.
A flexible support instrument which can be adapted to specific needs, indispensable to dynamically manage the company. Pitagora can be integrated with Sigla and SAP Business One.

Managed Cloud - Aruba, AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Management of the cloud infrastructure for the client. In the case of specific competencies on the products migrated (SAP, RHD, web, etc.), we can also provide support on the vertical product (AMS).

SAP Business One - ERP

SAP Business One is a unique and integrated solution that provides clear visibility into the business and complete management of the entire company, from accounting and finance to purchases, from warehouse to sales, from customer relationship management (CRM) to project management, production and human resources. It allows for collecting all critical information for the business to guarantee immediate access and utilization by the entire company.

Sigla - Gestionale PMI

SIGLA Ultimate is an ad hoc management solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It allows for organizing corporate information normally not contemplated by management software, with a vast selection of modules which can be integrated, and particular attention to web and e-commerce solutions.

Consultancy / Cloud Center of Excellence

Support in the Cloud Strategy process in all its phases.

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