Business process Management Technologies

To successfully implement a Business Process Management (BPM) strategy, specific technologies must be integrated to automate and govern the entire workflow aimed at achieving various operational objectives.

Over the years, Alfa Group has skillfully executed numerous integrated projects in the BPM area, leveraging RHD, a proprietary technology specifically developed to guarantee its clients:

  • High integration ability with the corporate organization and technology already in place in the company.
  • High level of customization of processes to be managed, which allows for precise monitoring, taking into account every particular detail, without needing to invest in long and expensive development activities.
  • Agile access and information sharing in real-time between the various actors in a process.
  • Visualization and control in real-time of processes status and performance in order to quickly intervene in the structure and process flows to optimize results.
  • Immediate and clear presentation of the most relevant information for each specific actor in the process.
  • Traceability and history of documents related to the tickets and processes managed.
  • A single web platform for managing the client’s technologies and related processes.

RHD BPM – Business Process Management

Alfa Group’s proprietary platform for Business Process Management allows for agile and efficient automation and governance of all the processes that determine an organization’s daily life.  

Thanks to its no-programming configuration environment, RHD allows for defining all the aspects of a process:

  • The “What”: The possible actions and sequence of events; 
  • The “Who”: The actors that intervene in the various phases of the process; 
  • The “How”: The data that feeds the process; 

This translates into technology which is extremely versatile, as it can be adapted to companies with many different organizational schemes, to manage processes with different levels of complexity, and can accompany organizations as their business evolves.

Alfa Group has developed a series of solutions, the fruit of various RHD BPM configurations, for the governance of specific corporate functions, including:


Management of all aspects ensuring compliance with GDPR legislation.

Asset Inventory

Management of corporate assets, in which each asset is completely tracked in the Business process.

Document Registry & Workflow

Management of the entire lifecycle for authorizations or drafting of protocol documents and automation of scanning or importing.

Related Parties

Management of the registry of individuals and corporate entities related to the organization as well as operations carried out with the same.

Trouble Ticketing

Solution for managing help requests of any kind. The entire lifecycle of the help request is tracked, from ticket opening to archiving.

Workorder Management

Shared management of orders, planning and reviewing the final balance sheet. Starting from the order, planning is conducted up to reviewing the final statement, keeping track of the activity’s entire lifecycle and its correlations.

Consultancy / Business Process Management

Support in the planning and management phases of corporate governance and compliance processes.

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