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RHD: la Digital
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Collect and manage all your information on a single platform

RHD, flagship product of Alfa Group’s Software Factory, is a platform which does not require programming to design and automate business processes (BPM). RHD allows for the governance of the entire process, from the design to KPI monitoring, orchestrating and managing information flows coming from both internal and external providers, all on a single WEB platform. This translates into greater efficiency, faster management, greater flexibility, and a very low learning curve. Based on the RHD technology, a series of «ready to start» solutions have been created to manage specific aspects of risk governance, in particular: Cyber Security, Anti-Fraud and Governance & Compliance.

The RHD Solutions

RHD BPM - Business Process Management

Platform to manage, automate and improve the efficiency of processes that guide the business: with RHD, it is possible to define, for any type of corporate process, the “Who” (actors who intervene), the “What” (data that feeds the process) and the “How” (possible actions and sequence of events). This allows companies to easily manage processes, even complex, taking into account organizational needs, agile development and flexibility to follow the evolution of the business.


Some of the processes RHD enables you to manage:

  • Asset Inventory: management of corporate assets, in which each asset is completely tracked in the Business process. 
  • Document Registry & Workflow: management of the entire lifecycle for authorizations or drafting of protocol documents and automation of scanning or importing.
  • Related Parties: management of registry of individuals and corporate entities related to the organization as well as operations carried out with the same.
  • Trouble Ticketing: solution for managing help requests of any kind. The entire lifecycle of the help request is tracked, from ticket opening to archiving.
  • Work Order Management: shared management of orders, planning and reviewing the final balance sheet. Starting from the order, planning is conducted up to reviewing the final statement, keeping track of the activity’s entire lifecycle with its correlations.
RHD VM – Vulnerability Management
Solution for Vulnerability Management: Natively interacting with leading tools on the market (eg. Tenable, Qualys, Rapid7) and combining its no-programming nature and orchestration, RHD VM allows for the entire vulnerability management lifecycle to be part of a secure, integrated and continuous process, improving risk management and the remediation flow. Main Functions:
  • VA Trends & Analytics: integrated overview of vulnerability trends supported by statistics and graphs
  • COMPLIANCE Trends & Analytics: overview of compliance controls performed with respect to the most common frameworks, illustrated with statistics and graphs
  • Remediation Flow: management of the remediation flow
  • Risk Manager: definition of risk levels for assets and services
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RHD FRAUD 360 – Fraud Management
Solution in the Fraud Management area for preventing, neutralizing and managing Fraud. A single instrument which is able to address online fraud from a 360° perspective, correlating feeds, data and information from various sources, both open and premium. Main Functions:
  • Fraud Investigation: visualization and investigation of cases of «suspected fraud», and the associated events, identified by various detection technologies and/or manual practices.
  • Fraud Operations: configuration and mapping of the management process of fraud prevention activities, monitoring and tracking the progress of these activities.
  • Reporting & Dashboarding: decision-making dashboard with overview and detailed-view of the risks of fraud.
  • Fraud Analytics: periodic analysis, statistics and dashboards regarding operations collected from various banking channels, business or high-level views for the management team, fraud trends and internal reporting.
  • Fraud Intelligence: collection and correlation of threat intelligence information to block suspicious activity without human intervention.
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Threat intelligence solution for managing, correlating and sharing cyber intelligence feeds in order to be proactive in terms of risks, threats, incidents and data-breaches. The solution allows for intervening directly on the Cyber Intelligence information, launching Incident Response processes or sharing the information collected and enriched with the RHDVM and RHDFM360 solutions, automating and integrating the intelligence process in the client’s process management scheme. Main Functions:
  • Coverage: selection and definition of the assets that need protection.
  • Enrichment: inspection of OSINT and private sources, including social media and dark web.
  • Alerting: alerting of potential threats detected, which can be navigated in detail.
  • Presentation: correlation of the information collected and graphical presentation of the priority and risk score of each incident.
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RHD GDPR – Compliance normativa

Management of compliance with GDPR legislation: register of processing operations, DPIA risk analysis, Data Breach Notification and Incident Management related to GDPR.

Main Functions:

  • ASSESSMENT: supports management of the master register, collecting and managing a master data set, both of the assets (such as structures, servers, PCs, applications, etc.) as well as the operating unit of the resources (offices, suppliers, dealers).
  • PROCESSING ACTIVITIES: recording all information necessary for the register of processing operations or information that could be necessary for perceived GDPR risk.
  • DPIA: management of the processes for assessing the impact on data protection (Data Protection Impact Assessment - DPIA).
  • DATA SUBJECTS REQUESTS: tracking Data Subjects’ requests.
  • DATA BREACH: management of communication to the Data Protection Authority in the event of a data breach.

The Value of RHD

Configurability: Process Design

In RHD, it is possible to customize the main elements of the process and interface, without the need for programming. Thanks to its flexibility, RHD can be easily updated and adapted to follow reorganizations and the natural growth of the business.

Ease of Navigation

All information in RHD is easily accessible, dynamically and according to the user’s needs, with dashboards that provide an overview of the status of tickets and processes monitored, as well as detailed views that provide in-depth information on each element.


All information is collected and stored in a single repository; the history of each document, ticket or process is completely tracked, making data retrieval and time-based trend processing easier.


RHD can interact with technologies already being used by the company with a variety of pre-defined connectors for the main technologies on the market. It also has the ability to configure new ones; this allows for automated collection and exchange of information coming from different sources. The correlation of this information on a single interface is the foundation of RHD.

Case history

RHD Application Fields

Vulnerability Management

Fraud Management

Cyber Intelligence

GDPR Compliance

Order Management

Asset Management

Ticket Management

Related Parties Management

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