The strategic partnerships and alliances of Alfa Group


The strategic alliances program built over the years with some of the leading technology operators in the industry is one of the fundamental channels with which we create real added value for our clients.

Thanks to the close collaboration with our partners, we are able to constantly innovate our approach to meet our clients’ needs and consolidate our professionals’ expertise with new certifications, training and updates to provide the best in terms of 360° solutionssupport and consultancy.

Alfa Group is an Alliance Partner of SAS, market leader in Analytics, which provides innovative analytics, software and business intelligence and data management services. We integrate SAS solutions in Data Analytics and Fraud Management projects.
Splunk is the first Data-To-Everything platform in the world, designed to remove barriers between data and action and to help organizations monitor, investigate and act on every type of data: Business, IT, Security and IoT. Alfa Group is a Splunk partner and integrates the technology for Data Analytics solutions.
Alfa Group is a partner of SAP, market leader in corporate applications software, and offers professional services to properly implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions in the Cloud Center of Excellence area.
Cy4Gate is a company belonging to Elettronica Group that designs, develops and produces Cyber Intelligence & Cyber Security technologies for the Public Administration, Critical Infrastructure and Enterprise Companies. Alfa Group is a Cy4gate partner for Vulnerability & Cyber Threat Management as well as Cyber Intelligence solutions.
Alfa Group is a Gold Partner of Tenable and historically the #1 reseller of Tenable solutions for the Enterprise Italian market. Over the years, the partnership has resulted in numerous Vulnerability & Cyber Threat Management projects for leading companies.
Kaspersky is a market leader for endpoint security solutions and a pioneer in IT security. Alfa Group is a Platinum Partner of Kaspersky for the Enterprise market, integrating technologies in the Vulnerability & Cyber Threat Management area.
Netcraft is an internet services company, providing Internet data mining, defense against online fraud, testing for the security of web applications and anti-phishing services. Alfa Group is Netcraft’s only Italian partner and integrates its technology in Fraud Management solutions.
Alfa Group is the only Italian partner of LexisNexis, leading company in risk assessment, prediction and management. We integrate LexisNexis solutions with our Fraud Management solutions.
Digital Shadows is a market leader in Digital Risk Protection with solutions focused on identifying risk exposure and external threats. Alfa Group is a Digital Shadows Partner for Cyber Intelligence solutions.
Alfa Group is the only Italian partner of Q6 Cyber, US leader in e-crime intelligence, specialized in monitoring the Digital Underground to identify and prevent threats and online fraud. Alfa Group integrates Q6 Cyber feeds in its Cyber Intelligence solutions.
Alfa Group is an Intelfinder partner in order to provide Threat Intelligence, which is completely automated and scalable, as a managed service.
Alfa Group is a Titanium Partner of RSA, market leader in Security, Risk Management and Fraud Prevention. We integrate RSA technology with our Fraud Management solutions.


ALFA GROUP is a member of CLUSIT (Italian Association for Digital Security) and actively participates in its events and publications, including the Security Summit.
ALFA GROUP is a member of AIEA (Italian Information Systems Auditor Association), participating in its events, often as a speaker, as well as organizing certification courses.
ALFA GROUP is a corporate member of CANOVA CLUB, an association of managers, professionals and entrepreneurs in the areas of economics, finance and large enterprise, both public and private. In addition to participating in its initiatives, Alfa Group is a technology partner of Canova Club, providing technology and expertise as well as supporting the organization to broadcast events in streaming.

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