Q6 Cyber partners with Alfa Group to offer E-Crime Intelligence in the EU and UK

Q6 Cyber partners with Alfa Group to offer E-Crime Intelligence in the EU and UK

MIAMI, Florida, USA. May 28, 2020 – Q6 Cyber, a leading provider of e-crime intelligence, and  Alfa Group, a leading European provider of cybersecurity and fraud prevention solutions, today  announced a partnership. Q6 Cyber’s unique e-crime intelligence feeds, utilized by enterprises around  the world to prevent fraud, cybersecurity attacks, data breaches, and other electronic crimes will now be  offered by Alfa Group throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom. 

Q6 Cyber’s cutting-edge technology monitors the “Digital Underground” – a vast universe of online sites,  marketplaces, communities, and forums where hackers, fraudsters, and cybercriminals operate and  interact. The company’s 24×7 coverage includes not only the DarkWeb and DeepWeb, but also malware  networks, botnets, and other cybercrime infrastructure and private messaging platforms. Leveraging  these data sources, Q6 Cyber delivers highly targeted intelligence that enables its clients to proactively  detect and mitigate a range of financial and electronic crimes such as network intrusions, data breaches,  account takeovers, and payment card fraud, among others. 

Today’s prominent organizations in Europe understand that cyber threat intelligence operations must expand  in scope beyond cybersecurity to cover financial fraud and other related electronic crimes. Alfa Group’s  technology platform now will integrate Q6 Cyber’s proprietary and sophisticated intelligence,” said Fabrizio  Mancini, Alfa Group’s Global Head of Business Development. Adding, “Q6 Cyber is an extremely valuable  addition to the Alfa Group partner network. Its exclusive and proven solutions will help organizations in Italy  and throughout Europe bring e-crime intelligence to the forefront in order to proactively combat cyber attacks  and mitigate fraud losses.” 

Eli Dominitz, CEO of Q6 Cyber adds, “We are very excited to partner with Alfa Group, a long-time leader in  the cyber security market in Europe. Over the last few years, we have teamed up with forward-thinking companies on both sides of the Atlantic to transform cybersecurity and fraud prevention organizations. Our  partnership with Alfa Group represents our shared philosophy on what it takes to win the fight. On a practical  level, the technical integration will make it easy for Alfa Group’s clients to ingest, analyze, and swiftly take  actions to eliminate fraud and cyber attacks at the very early stages.” 

To learn more about the product partnership between Alfa Group and Q6 Cyber, join our upcoming  webinar on https://www.alfagroup.it/en/webinar-tackling-the-covid-related-rise-of-financial-e-crime on June 15 or visit www.q6cyber.com .  

About Q6 Cyber: Based in Miami and Tel Aviv, Q6 Cyber is an innovative e-crime intelligence  company. Q6 Cyber comprehensively monitors the “Digital Underground” (including the DarkWeb,  DeepWeb, cybercriminal and fraudster marketplaces, communities, and networks) to spot relevant  threats before they materialize into fraud losses or damaging breaches. The company’s targeted and  actionable intelligence has been proven to deliver high ROI to enterprise customers around the world.  Q6 Cyber is led by seasoned professionals with decades of experience in US and Israeli intelligence  and law enforcement agencies. Learn more at www.q6cyber.com.  

About Alfa Group: Alfa Group is a group of companies that for over 20 years has been operating in  the ICT sector as System Integrator, Consulting and Software Factory, offering solutions and services in  Cyber Security, Business Process Management and ERP. Alfa Group provides value-added services,  expert consulting and leader technologies for some of the largest Italian companies in the Finance,  Manufacturing, Defense, Energy, Telco and PA sectors. Through its Software Factory, Alfa Group also  offers the RHD Digital Business Platform, a proprietary unified platform of Technology Orchestration  and Case Management Automation. The Group is present in Italy in Rome, Milan, Bologna and Fermo,  and in The Nederlands, with its Eindhoven office. More information on www.alfagroup.it 


Alfa Group: Claudia Pertile – c.pertile@alfagroup.it – T: +39 06 52244040  

Q6 Cyber: Brittany Gonzalez – bgonzalez@q6cyber.com T: (954) 947- 8282 

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