Cyber Intelligence Consulting

We support clients in defining and implementing organizational methods, processes and solutions to manage digital risks, threats and incidents. This includes our Threat Management services, which are focused on preventing, identifying and correctly responding to potential threats that can afflict our clients’ business.
Our analysts are at your complete disposal to analyze and contextualize information provided by our Intelligence services and to perform in-depth investigations during the Incident Response.


Cyber Intelligence Assessment & Strategy Alignment

Our Intelligence services include planning, collection, analysis and distribution of information to provide a clear image of the company’s current security posture, as related to the overall context of the network, to identify the best strategy to neutralize threats.

Threat Intelligence

We provide visibility into the Threat Actors and Indicators of Compromise (IOC) that can affect the client’s business, providing opportune instruments to precisely delineate the threats and obtain useful information to respond to, and contain, an attack.

Data Loss Detection

We monitor the network to identify data theft and access keys to corporate assets to provide prompt notification of the loss and support the clients in resolving this situation.

Brand Protection

We provide notification of attempts at impersonating websites, social media pages and mobile apps which make reference to the brand, products or important people in the organization, which damage the company’s reputation. We provide the appropriate instruments for rapid containment and resolution.

Incident Management

Incident Management Consultancy Services. We work side-by-side with the client in designing the process, identifying the stakeholders, defining the steps to properly manage an incident from the moment in which it is identified, facilitating containment and returning to normal work activity.
Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services: Digital Forensics Investigations to identify and reconstruct events, delineate the full scale of an incident in order to respond appropriately, provide a clear description of what happened to the parties concerned and obtain the evidence necessary for legal action.

Technology / Cyber Intelligence

Technologies for the collection, correlation and dissemination of Cyber Intelligence information.

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