Business Process Management Consulting

Alfa Group’s process consulting team helps organizations in redesigning, optimizing and managing the corporate processes of Governance and Compliance. In close collaboration with the client, we reconfigure methods, models and technologies necessary for governance; we support the client to proactively implement organizational schemes and procedures, which allow all resources who guide the business to share information and coordinate their actions in accordance with the company’s objectives (goal-oriented approach). This allows these organizations to benefit from an integrated and shared approach to corporate management.



Building models to enhance understanding of business processes and identify opportunities for improvement.


Improve use of resources, thereby reducing costs and management time.

Activity Monitoring

Verifica ed analisi delle performance dei processi  al fine di monitorare l’efficienza dell’azienda e rendere efficace lo svolgimento di processi che portano valore all’organizzazione.

Continous Process Improvement

Adopt continuous process improvement approach in order to quickly adapt to changes, challenges and opportunities in the market, putting management in the position to make the right decisions to drive the company’s success.


Guarantee the compliance of all processes and procedures to laws, regulations, business rules as well as internal policies and strategies.

Technology / Business Process Management

The automation of processes and the integrated management of information flows with the RHD Alfa Group platform.

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